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Why Everybody Loves Grow Gorgeous

Why Everybody Loves Grow Gorgeous

Your hair is the crown that you never take it off, so you gotta treat it with the finest products around. And of all the haircare kids on the block, Grow Gorgeous is definitely one of everybody’s favorites.

The Grow Gorgeous range is divided into three innovative and proactive groups which work synergistically to unlock your hair’s full potential and guide it to maximum health.


Probably the most popular range, the ‘Active’ collection by Grow Gorgeous offers concentrated, targeted solutions that gently nudge the scalp into promoting healthy hair growth – great for areas of thinning! The MVP is the brand’s best-selling Hair Density Serum, which is brimming with with proactive and innovative ingredients designed to stimulate your scalp and bring your hair to life.

The serum will improve hair length for a fuller appearance and a unique form of water-compatible caffeine penetrates the scalp to reduce hair loss in a small time period. The best part? It’s pretty much guaranteed to promote the growth of 13, 000 extra hairs!

Ingredients that include a bio-active complex of Chinese Skull Cap, non-animal sourced hyaluronic acid and bio-active pea sprout complex, have been shown to start working within eight days and visibly improve hair length, strength and thickness within as little as three  months.


The ‘Protect’ range is designed to safeguard your hair from environmental aggressors, the sun’s harmful ultra-violet rays and styling products and tools. Discover tinctures and tonics that will perform some serious damage control and strengthen existing hair. Say “So long!” to breakage and worry no more about split ends.

Natural oils work hard to form an invisible barrier around the hair shaft, thus  increasing the hair breaking force by up to 41% to promise that your ends stay stronger and thicker for longer, as well as preventing future split ends.

Cleanse & Nourish

For hair TLC, turn to the Grow Gorgeous ‘Cleanse and Nourish’ range, which is dedicated to smoothing, nourishing and hydrating your hair without stripping necessary natural oils and disrupting the balance of your scalp.

Try cleansing conditioners that impart immediate and lasting enhancement for healthy-looking, visibly stronger hair. They provide intense, unlike-anything-else cleansing and nourishment. The prismatic cleansing conditioners enhance your hair color, natural or not, using a unique formula that creates molecular prisms on the surface of your hair. Expect lustrous tresses.

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