6 Beauty Resolutions for 2017

Even the most beauty-wise women slip up occasionally and sleep wearing makeup, forget to apply sunscreen, and use the same old foundation brush for years on end (yes, really!). However, in the spirit of the New Year, we wan to share some of our best advice for following through on your best skin-tentions for 2017.

When making resolutions, working out or eating healthier may be at the top of your list every year. But taking care of your beauty regime really should be just as important. Why not also make a resolution to be kind and caring to your skin, and commit to making some positive changes?

After all, you wear your skin all day, every day, for the rest of your life….

  1. Wear Sunscreen Everyday
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    Wear Sunscreen Everyday

    This may seem obvious, but if you aren’t wearing an SPF daily, you’re exposing your skin to damage that will show on your skin for your future. Sun damage and weather exposure can be a slow burner, but before you know it, you’re left with pigmentation and fine lines. It’s never too late (or too early) to defend skin from the number-one cause of aging — the sun and the UV rays it gives off, even on cloudy or rainy days.

    Choose sunscreen containing both UVA and UVB protection in a lightweight formula that won’t clog pores. Replenix Physical Sunscreen is sheer in texture, but high in SPF, making it easy to apply. Or, just look for an everyday moisturizer packed with SPF, like La Roche Posay Anthelios SX Daily Moisturiser with SPF 15.

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  2. Introduce a Vitamin C serum to your regime
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    Introduce a Vitamin C serum to your regime

    Vitamin C is a pick-me-up for your body when you feel under the weather, but it’s also a brilliant antioxidant and brightener for your skin. As a proactive measure to keep your skin’s elasticity and health, make this the year where you start to look at the ingredients in your products and seek out Vitamin C. A Vitamin C antioxidant serum is one the most important anti-aging products, protecting against UV rays and pollution, yet also repairing skin damage and skin aging, and adding radiance.

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  3. Fully remove your makeup at night
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    Fully remove your makeup at night

    Again, it sounds like a basic reminder, but you’d be surprised at how often people forget to do this task. No matter what time you get to bed, always spend at least 5 minutes (at the minimum) removing your daily make-up. Even if it means keeping a bottle of Micellar Water at your bedside table, or a pack of skin-friendly cleansing wipes, if you can’t always commit to a full cleanse.

    We love Decleor’s Micellar Water containing Rose essential oils, to protect your skin from external irritants and leave a soft, aromatic scent.

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  4. Wash your brushes
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    Wash your brushes

    Now this is a beauty resolution that should be on everyone’s list! It’s so easy to keep re-using your make-up brushes, constantly using that same old concealer brush, overloaded with product. But when you stop to think about the build up of germs, bacteria and old cloggy makeup lotions which sit around the bristles and then brush onto your skin, it’s a horrid thought.

    Make 2017 the year where you give your brushes a intense cleanse. If you can’t do this weekly, then at least aim for once a month. All it takes is to swill them with warm water and a gentle facial cleanser – one free from harsh ingredients.

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  5. Treat your hands
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    Treat your hands

    People take notice of your hands much more than you think, so look after them. Think about when you meet people – it’s all about the hand shake, right? As we age, the skin on our hands is a tell tale of how old we are, and how well we look after our bodies. Don’t give the game away. Keep your hands free from rough skin, hyperpigmentation and aging lines by utilizing a rich, nourishing hand cream every day. Especially after doing chores, such as washing up.

    We love AHAVA’s Mineral Hand Cream, packed with dead sea minerals, soothing allantoin and antioxidant witch hazel to restore smooth, supple hands.

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  6. Care for your brows
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    Care for your brows

    Brows were a big game in 2015, and again in 2016. So guess what – 2017 looks to be no different. It’s all well and good thickening up your brows with pencils and gel products, but nothing beats have naturally thick, luscious eyebrow hairs to groom and define.

    Keep yours in the best condition possible by using an eyebrow conditioner, like this one from Revitabrow, each night before you go to sleep. RevitaBrow is packed with the power of peptides and botanicals to strengthen, condition and nourishing your eyebrows. RevitaBrow’s advanced technology helps revitalize eyebrows for a thicker and fuller look.

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