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Why Retinol means no-one can ever guess your age

Why Retinol means no-one can ever guess your age

You should have started using this topical vitamin A wonder in your mid 20’s – prevention is key – but if you didn’t all may be forgiven.

Retinol is the HOLY GRAIL of youth. Well, maybe second to sunscreen which we all should have been using as kids but we know how that went.  Sun exposure is the #1 cause of aging, hands down, but think of retinol as the Robin to sunscreen’s Batman. Retinol does major damage control to fix what sunscreen could have prevented.

So long free radical damage

Like her popular antioxidant sister vitamin C, retinol does her fair share as a preventive, acting as a protective shield and deflecting free radicals from damaging our skin (the annoying molecules caused by tobacco smoke, radiation, and also created within our bodies when we break down food). Retinol saves our skin from loss of elasticity and wrinkles!

If you have extremely sensitive skin, look for a safe start with these beginner but potent retinol choices:

Hello collagen and elastin

Elastin and collagen are proteins found in our connective tissues – these two keep us gorgeous.  Elastin is the rubber band making our skin snap back into place for that nice tight look, not stretched out like our favorite old jeans.  Collagen keeps our skin firm – enough said.

Retinol is the bossy cell communicating agent, demanding our cells produce both collagen and elastin double time to create fresh new skin cells and making our skin look buoyant and beautiful.

Here are some choices which pair Retinol with soothing antioxidants like green tea and additional moisturizers which help introduce retinol to the skin in a more agreeable manner skin without losing efficacy.

And luminosity and refined pores!

You may have heard that retinol “thins the skin” – what it does do is thin and slough off the dead layers and the pore-clogging debris on the outer layer (this is called the stratum corneum) while strengthening and thickening the epidermis.  Retinol decreases oil production, sabotaging blackhead formation and giving the appearance of smaller youthful pores.  Retinol also helps your skin stay hydrated when collagen and elastin are created.  Pair that with ridding our skin of the dirty top layer – luminous and younger skin.

The skin around our eyes shows age first so try this retinol designed especially for the eyes:

No more dark spots

It seems as if treating darker spots is a never ending battle.  Hyperpigmentation is caused by sun damage, aging and hormonal changes.  Using a retinol turns skin cells over quickly and inhibits darkening of the skin.  Many choose to use the antioxidant vitamin C in the morning and a retinol at night paired with hydroquinone, azaleaic acid, or kojic acid. These all interfere with the enzymes responsible for melanin production. Melanin is what causes the skin to darken but retinol will help skin lightening products to work more efficiently.

Once we learn how fabulous retinol is, many eagerly want to dive in and repair all our sins to start out with a fresh, younger-looking face as soon as possible! Start slowly with a lower dose and let your skin acclimate to it.

The most important things to remember about retinol

  • Begin with areas of your face where you feel you are showing age the most – crow’s feet area, forehead, around the lips, and dark spots.
  • Start sparingly! A tiny dot in each area (1/3 to 1/2 a pea size) as retinol travels under the skin. Apply once every three nights, then move up to every other night after a few weeks.  Perhaps you will go to every night if your skin is not showing any irritation.
  • Slight flaking is normal and will dissipate but redness or severe peeling means you are using too much too often. You may want to go to a lower strength and stretch the number of days between applications.
  • If you feel dry – you may blanket a moisturizer over the retinol. This will help you feel less dry and the efficacy of the retinol will not be diminished.
  • The most important thing to do is never stop using retinol! If you stop – all the bad memories will come back!
  • Wear sunscreen, no excuses, even if it’s raining.
  • Keep retinol in your life and keep everyone else guessing

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Shelby Gerson

Shelby Gerson

Writer and expert