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Avene products are formulated with thermal spring water from the Cevennes Mountains in France. It started as rain and became infused with trace elements and silicates after a 40-year journey through the mountain's aquifiers. This water is used to make current products that are the solution for sensitive skin. It is low in mineral properties and is odorless, tasteless and colorless. Avene's formulas are proven effective based on over 300 case studies.

Avene High Protection Cream SPF 50is 100 percent mineral, chemical-free formula that provides broad-spectrum protection that is enriched with a photostable form of vitamin E, as well as micro-fine titanium dioxide particles.
Do you want to eliminate some of your smile lines and crow's feet without irritation? Avene Retrinal + 0.1 Cream is formulated with retinaldehyde, an effective form of retinol for skin smoothing and a photostable form of Vitamin E to ensure skin comfort. Ultimately, both work together to help you regain a beautiful, younger looking complexion.

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