Baby Quasar

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If you haven't heard of light-based skin care, you're missing out on today's best solution to your anti-aging concerns. Registered and accepted by the FDA, the Baby Quasar is unique in that it uses four wavelengths of light to penetrate and stimulate the cells with innovative SequePulse technology. The result? You'll reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, diminish enlarged pores and get the boost of confidence that comes from having smooth, younger-looking skin.

Get real results in three quick steps:
1. Cleanse your skin thoroughly.
2. Select the appropriate power mode for your skin type.
3.Treat for a total of 24 minutes two to three times per week.

Since 2001, Quasar Bio-Tech, Inc. has brought professional-quality skin care tools to professionals and home users. Quasar Bio-Tech guarantees satisfaction to every customer. Performance, Quality, and Customer Support define Quasar Bio-Tech. Internationally acclaimed, Quasar skin care tools have been featured on The Doctors television show, in Vogue magazine and The New York Times.

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