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Natural ingredients can offer powerful nutrients hard to find in other sources. Capitalizing on the healing powers of virgin olive oil, DHC skin care products use pure, organic oil to treat a variety of skin concerns. They compile only the finest of ingredients for their innovative formulas, such as oil extracted from Spanish olives that are hand-picked when the ripeness offers the most benefit for skin care. With a focus on extracting the oil before the olive is cold pressed to preserve the potency of the oil, DHC skin care uses pure ingredients to fight off skin impurities. Combined with other powerful botanicals, olive oil is a powerful agent in neutralizing harmful free radicals It can also help balance skin’s moisture without clogging pores.

Beloved by beauty professionals around the world, DHC offers solutions for nearly every step of your skin care routine, from cleansers to eye creams. Packed with the power of olive oil, each one of their products has been formulated to effectively treat the most common concerns of skin, such as dryness, clogged pores, irritation, and more. They offer many formulas ideal for deep cleaning pores to remove buried makeup, residue, and eliminate the greasy appearance associated with clogged pores. When looking for moisture to repair fine lines caused by dryness, this line of professional grade skin care offers an array of options rich in restorative nutrients for skin that is youthful and beautiful. From prior to applying makeup to right before bed, this line offers something for every stage of your beauty day. Best of all, these products will offer natural hydration for supple, glowing skin.

Daikagu Honyaku Center, later abbreviated to the easier to remember DHC, began as an educational translation company in 1972 based in Japan. In 1980, the company’s owner, Yoshiaki Yoshida, discovered olive oil of an exceptional grade in Spain, and began his research into the beauty benefits of this powerful ingredient. He created his skin care company using this natural ingredient as the foundation and has since become a global force in the world of skin care.

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