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With a commitment to creating formulas that are good for the skin while treating the environment well, Dr. Renaud's products do not contain parabens, synthetic perfumes, colorants or alcohol. The Dr. Renaud line adheres to a strict selection of ingredients, mainly from organic and fair trade markets, that contain fewer preservatives. All products are rigorously tested to ensure excellent quality.

Dr. Renaud Pure Neck & Decollete is specially formulated for the neck area - one of the first places that shows signs of aging. With natural ingredients like gotu kola, peptides, shea butter and pea extract, it works to smooth and firm skin to provide a visible lift.

Customer comment: "My neck skin looks firmer and I even noticed a difference in the fatty area under my chin!" -Seana

Dr. Renaud ExCellience Youth Enhancer - Night is a general application that works on all skin types. It’s perfume- and paraben-free ingredients keep skin hydrated and reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Customers say they can feel the effects immediately.

Customer comment: "I could tell I was doing something great for my skin after the first application!" -anonymous

Dr. Louis Raymond Renaud, a renowned dermatologist and a pioneer of aesthetics in France, created Dr. Renaud in 1947. By expanding to Canada and the United States in the 60s and 70s, Dr. Renaud became a leader in the beauty industry. Striving to constantly be at the top of skin care innovation, the research and development portion of the company is continuously studying the skin and collaborating with scientists and experts in dermopharmacology.

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