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If dark spots, hyperpigmentation or melasma are a concern for you, look no further than elure Advanced Brightening Technology. The patented natural enzyme formulation, Melanozyme, gently, yet quickly, diminishes stubborn discoloration while correcting uneven skin tone to reveal a brighter, more glowing complexion. In a clinical study of people using elure products twice a day for 28 days, 82 percent showed a significant decrease in melanin, and 91 percent showed overall improvement in fairness and skin tone.

elure offers a comprehensive line of luxurious skin care products formulated to safely and effectively brighten, lighten and even skin tone. elure Advanced Brightening Lotion brightens, softens skin and rebalances your complexion. elure Advanced Lightening Night Cream is designed to even skin tone and provide deep hydration while you sleep.

Syneron Medical Ltd, leader in the non-invasive aesthetic device market, ventured out into skin brightening applications with elure products. These products are based on a breakthrough brightening technology with proven clinical results.

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