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Erbaviva skin care is one of only a few skin care companies to be certified by the USDA with its organic seal. Essential oils are supplied by multi-generation farm families dedicated to organic agriculture. Vegetable oils are not only organic, but they are handled under optimum conditions to preserve both freshness and purity.

Erbaviva Lemon Sage Deodorant includes a fully organic formulation for your personal hygienic needs. Deodorants are so often awash in harsh chemicals and artificial ingredients that just the thought of this Lemon Sage Deodorant is refreshing. Include it in your overall organic regimen.

- Customer comment: "It is totally organic, no chemicals, no irritation and I am sweating less than I used to." -Leta

Immerse yourself in calm with Erbaviva Balance Bath Salts. Feel soothed as you breathe in the rich aromatic scents. Erbaviva Balance Bath Salts are "soul" relaxing.

- Customer comment: "I really like the scent of this bath salt, it is so relaxing." -Tihaya

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