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Invicible Scars

There are four stages of scar formation. By addressing each phase of this process, InviCible works to reduce the appearance of even the boldest of scars. The loss of collagen is slowed, and the production of abnormal collagen, that leads to scarring, is limited. Ingredients are used to restore the water content of skin to allow it to heal more quickly, while also softening and fading the scar. InviCible uses the clinically-proven ingredients of dual complex vitamin C, dimethicone silicione gel and a combination of aloe vera, licorice, linoleic and oleic acids.

InviCible Scars InviCible Scar Treatment has worked wonders for many people. This specially designed cream's purpose is to reduce the visibility of stretch marks, scars and blemishes so that only clear skin remains. The specially formulated cream is perfect for people who have always had permanent scars on their skin and have tried every product on the market to get rid of them. It has proven to be extremely useful for many people, and it can severely diminish any signs of scars on your own skin, leaving behind glowing, radiant and clear skin you can be proud of.

"It actually worked! I've been using it for 3 weeks and my scars have reduced greatly. I can clearly see the difference." -Ella

Conceived by Dr. Minas Chrysopoulo, a nationally recognized breast reconstruction surgeon, realized he could further help patients heal from painful surgeries, both emotionally and physically, by finding ways to reduce the appearance of scars. After completing research at Shriners Burns Hospital for Children, Dr. Chrysopoulo assembled a team of chemists to create the formula for InviCible.

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