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Jack Black products contain only the highest quality vitamins, botanical extracts and emollients, such as lavender, jojoba and eucalyptus, to soothe, repair and heal the skin without a lot of complicated steps. The products don't contain artificial colorants and most are fragrance free, making them perfect for sensitive skin. PureTech bristles are used, rather than badger hair, in the shave brush, to create a superior bacteria resistant, animalp-friendly product.

Who doesn't want fuller, thicker, more hydrated hair? When the hair is healthy, it is naturally full of volume. Jack Black True Volume Thickening Shampoo strengthens your hair and soothes your scalp, reducing breakage, flakes and irritation.

Jack Black Beard Lube Conditioning Shave hydrates to make beard hair more pliable and receptive. A more refined, more comfortable shave is the result. Put an end to wrestling with a straggly beard and irritated skin.

-Customer comment: "No irritation, no skin flare ups and a comfortable shave without the need for other products." -anonymous

In the year 2000, founders Emily Dalton and Curran Dandurand filled a perceived void in high-end men's shaving and skin care products with the Jack Black line.

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