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With a growing concern for the use of harsh chemicals, more people are turning to gentler beauty products rich with natural elements. Natural sources, such as plants and flowers, have long been known as powerful allies in the fight for beautiful skin. A leader in the use of botanicals for healthy skin, Jurlique offers beauty products combining biodynamic organics and natural ingredients. Inspired by their knowledge of botanicals born from operating a 153-acre farm, they have created a line of luxurious, professional-grade serums aimed at treating a variety of skin concerns from dry skin to acne.

With an emphasis on using botanicals to stimulate the same results as their synthetic counterparts, Jurlique has been designed with all skin types in mind, but especially those prone to irritation or sensitivity. Whether looking for the calming properties of a facial mist infused with rosewater to revive tired skin, a salve perfect for especially dry skin featuring soybean oil and vitamin E for rich moisture restoration or an exfoliating body scrub to remove dead skin for a healthier glow, these products offer gentle, yet powerful results with a calming element. While these rich serums and creams calm and soothe skin, they are infused with relaxing scents such as rose and chamomile to help de-stress while caring for your skin. With a diverse range of available products, from body oils and exfoliators to facial cleansers and night time repair serums, you can implement an entire beauty routine from these potent solutions or add a few to treat certain problem areas or skin concerns. When your skin seems tired, lackluster, or just in need of a boost, the Jurlique line of stunning skin care selections can help restore balance and beauty.

Since 1985, Jurlique has built their reputation on an innovative approach to the use of botanicals in skin care products. Founded in South Australia in what has been heralded as a land of purity and beauty, they have carried out their mission to provide the gentlest skin care needs while combining nature and science in forward-thinking advancements. Botanicals have never felt better than with this luxurious line of skin care!

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