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Osmotics formulas are based on proven technologies and patented compounds from the biopharmaceutical and biotechnological fields. Osmotics' philosophy is to keep its line pure by not adding potentially harmful ingredients such as artificial colors, fragrances, coal tar dyes.

The Osmotics Blue Copper 5 Firming Elasticity Repair 1.0 oz. is an anti-aging formula that combines the proven benefits of copper to increase the smoothness and firmness of skin. It evens and brightens the complexion as well as increasesing skin's moisture.

The FNS Nutrilash Lash and Brow Enhancer will allow you to enjoy the convenience of using just one product for both eyelashes and brows. Osmotics offers a completely natural, safe product that is ocular tested. Lashes and brows that are both fuller and thicker will be yours.

-Customer comment: "I used it for only 5 days and noticed a great change.“ -anonymous

In an industry of overtreated and mistreated skin, Osmotics has created a simple approach to skin care and has proven that the skin reacts most favorably to a simple, uncomplicated regimen uses a limited number of products.

Steven and Francine Porter founded Osmotics in August 1993. Since inception, the founders' goal has been to become the world's premier skin care company by introducing a new level of real results in cosmeceutical and dermaceutical skin care treatments. The philosophy that drives Osmotics skin care is that your skin will react best to simple products in limited numbers. Too many in the industry have over-treated and, therefore, mistreated skin.

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