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As a brand focusing on the use of superior hydration to help create a perfect canvas, Paul & Joe Beaute creates upscale cosmetics designed with thoughtful formulas. They have perfected their careful approach to beauty and continue to make new strides in the world of cosmetics. With an emphasis on using natural botanicals and other gentle ingredients to help balance out texture, their collection offers moisture meant to last all day for a flawless face. While most makeup is known to make skin dry, this line offers the moisturizing abilities of a cream combined with the full coverage you expect from foundations. Many of their products feature powerful hydrating agents, including jojoba seed oil, white lily extracts, clove extracts, and more, for a product that goes on silky-smooth and leaves moisturized skin glowing with radiance.

Every option offered by Paul & Joe features hydration and texture smoothing properties for a beautiful finish. There are many exceptional options to choose from when shopping this impeccable collection, including concealer pens, foundation primers, pressed powders, cream foundations, and more. Whether looking for the nutrient rich moisture provided by one of their luxurious foundation primers, a pressed powder for perfect coverage without any accompanying dryness, or a skin softening serum to help restore radiance while giving a supple appearance, Paul & Joe offers the highest quality of carefully chosen ingredients expertly formulated for a stunning end result. With cosmetics infused with such powerful agents as vitamin E, apricot oil, and orange flower water, your face will receive the gentle coverage it needs without stripping skin of necessary moisture. Choose from an array of options to help smooth away imperfections and leave behind beautiful, healthy skin.

In 1995, Sophie Albou began a menswear line and named it after her two sons, Paul and Joe. The menswear line would grow to become a women’s wear line the following year. Since then, Paul & Joe has become a respected name in the world of both fashion and cosmetics. Launching in 2002 with the same attention to small details and commitment to excellence as the clothing lines, Paul & Joe Beaute brings together the best in formulas and playful packaging for a beauty product that is both sophisticated and fun.

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