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Pioneering marine-based skincare, Phytomer have passionately researched and developed an extensive range across 40 years that utilizes ocean-sourced ingredients to deliver dramatic results – it was in 1972 that they launched the exclusive Star Seawater concentrate with its 104 trace elements, a transformative active ingredient that revolutionized skincare.

Primarily based in Brittany, France, the cosmetic brand creates unique formulas with advanced scientific biotechnology allowing them to produce sustainable and effective treatments in-house for full autonomy and efficacy. Taking continuous steps to innovate skincare and engage with the environment, Phytomer have built a recognized and trusted name for themselves, bringing sensorial experiences and spa-like rituals to the comfort of your own home that aim to nourish and balance both the skin and mind.

Innovators of the breakthrough OLIGOMER® and XMF treatments, the range provides everything from anti-aging moisturizers to revitalizing facial cleansers, suitable for even the most sensitive of skin thanks to their natural, gentle formulations. 

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