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While the science behind PMD Personal Microderm has been around for many years, PMD has taken professional dermabrasion techniques and created a system to allow you to receive a quality dermabrasion treatment, without the hassle of making an appointment with your dermatologist. The Personal Microderm System provides comparable professional treatment of age spots, brightening skin and diminishing fine lines and wrinkles in just a matter of weeks.

For the highest level of exfoliation available, step up your dermabrasion treatments with the PMD Personal Microderm Replacement Discs Red Coarse. It is ideal for those with age spots, skin discolorations, and other imperfections. It can be used on your elbows, face, hands, feet, or wherever you have age spots, fine lines and wrinkles.

If you have aging, sensitive skin, the PMD Personal Microderm Replacement Discs Blue Sensitive are recommended. It works to address age spots, wrinkles and fine lines.

-Customer comment: "My enlarged pores are minimized, and dark spots disappear." -Theresa

-Customer comment: "If you don't try this, you will never know how great it is! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it, and I have only done two treatments.” -Jill

Foreign Use Warning if Used Outside the USA: This unit is made for a 110 volt power supply. If used with anything other than 110 volt power, you must use a power converter. Your warranty will be null and void if the unit is used without a power converter out of the USA.

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