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Sothys scientists collaborate with universities and research laboratories to develop products that contain advanced scientific and natural ingredients packed into simple and easy-to-use formulations. It employs wrinkle smoothing peptides, skin plumping plant oils and reparative botanical extracts blended together to repair and prevent aging, while eliminating impurities and blemishes on the skin. When creating a number of patented formulas, our team of bio-chemists, biologists, pharmacists and physicists combined their skills with expert estheticians to produce the ideal spa and beauty care products.

Like its namesake star, Sothys Paris skin care will let your inner beauty shine. Its Sothys Paris Active Creme soothes, softens and saves your skin from hyperpigmentation and dehydration with a blend of key ingredients like licorice, cetearyl alcohol and shea butter.

Sothys Paris Age Defying Creme rejuvenates skin and works to eliminate the signs of aging and stress around your eye. Fast-absorbing, it contains yeast extract, wheat protein and caffeine that work to tighten and brighten the skin around your eyes.

Sothys started in 1946 under the leadership of Dr. Hotz, a medical biologist in Paris. Sothys created the first concentrated serum produced in ampules. In 1966, the Mas family acquired the Sothys Institute. Mr. Bernard Mas, Chairman, then decided to develop and expand the beautiful Sothys range and increase its availability.

In the late 1970's, Sothys established itself in the United States market. Here, under the direction of an esthetician, Mr. Christian Garces, Sothys continued its mark of excellence by bringing its French traditions to the states.

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