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Recognizing the quintessential link between lifestyle choices and skin health, This Works was created in 2003 by Kathy Phillips; a yoga teacher, former Beauty Director of Vogue UK and all-round beauty expert.

With a belief that skincare needs to deliver 24 hour benefits in synergy with your body clock, the brand seeks to create specialist products that acknowledge the stresses of daily life and combat their toll on both your skin and sense of wellbeing.

A proprietary Superblends system utilizes three key ingredients of oils, actives and fragrance to maximize performance with a focus on integrity and authenticity – only using premium, proven sources with expert knowledge and research backing. 

From targeted insomnia treatments like the cult-favorite deep sleep pillow spray to time reversing, anti-aging serums and moisturizers, this works develop intelligent and straightforward skincare products that deliver real, proven results.

The company is proudly British with natural ingredients sourced from Britain and in-house manufacturing, with an aim to deliver exceptional quality while doing good for the planet, refusing to use unnecessary chemicals that cause harm to the environment and your skin – meaning your skin can look good and feel guilt-free.

Offering specific solutions for dry, sensitive and oily skin types, this works is a respected, ethical brand to address all your skincare needs.

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