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Tocca Beauty's candles are world renowned for their one-of-a-kind fragrances, powerful aromas and long-lasting burns. Tocca's bath and body products pamper the body with rich emollients like smoothing shea butter and squalane mixed with enticing fragrances.

Tocca Eau De Parfum - Florence is a parfum that invokes the sophisticated and romantic feel of old-world Europe. Florence combines crushed violet petals and Italian bergamot into an enticing elixir for the senses. Enjoy this uniquely feminine and alluring concoction.

-Customer comment: "There's a great complexity to it and it is sophisticated, yet wearable for everyday use. I've never smelled anything like it." -Sarah

One of Tocca Beauty's best selling candles is Tocca Candela - Stella. In fact, one of its fans is actress Sarah Jessica Parker. During its 60 hour burn time, the Stella candle will relax you with a scent that is just slightly sweet, with a fresh blood-orange aroma.

-Customer comment: "Just opening the box will fill your room with the delightful scent of blood orange!" -anonymous

Tocca began as a whimsical and carefree clothing line that was an immediate hit for fashionistas and celebrities alike. Named for the Italian word for "touch," Tocca is both romantic and luxurious in its designs for both clothing and beauty products. Tocca Beauty, a division of Tocca LLC, launched in 1997 with a solid perfume, a smoothing dry oil and a laundry soap for delicate fabrics to complement its clothing collection. Beginning with only one scent, Tocca now carries bath and body products in numerous scents inspired by the aromas and cultures from around the world.

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