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Every VitaMedica product is manufactured to exacting standards of quality and safety. Active ingredients used in VitaMedica products are selected based on their purity, bioavailability, documented actions and safety characteristics. Raw materials are purchased exclusively from trustworthy vendors that provide a detailed Certificate of Analysis for every batch of material. VitaMedica products are free of artificial flavors, preservatives and colorings.

VitaMedica Anti-Aging Formula Daily Pack provides a daily dose of ingredients to help combat the visible signs of aging by nourishing your skin, hair and nails from the inside out.

-Customer comment: "I started taking these vitamins almost a year ago. They are the best vitamins I've ever taken and I can tell when I forget to take them or have run out. These vitamins are amazing!" -Bunny

VitaMedica Clear Skin Formula Daily Pack is a specially developed supplement to help acne sufferers. It uses vitamin A and other herbs and ingredients to reduce sebum production and cleanse the skin of impurities. The full product line of VitaMedica oral supplements has undergone safety and documentation testing and is pure and free of artificial colorings and preservatives.

VitaMedica was founded by David H. Rahm, M.D., a board certified anesthesiologist, nutritionist and medical director of The Wellness Center in Long Beach, CA. During consultations, Dr. Rahm had many patients asking for his advice on nutritional supplements. He found it difficult to locate brands that ensured product quality and efficacy, so to solve this problem, he founded VitaMedica in 1997.

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