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DHA, or dihydroxyacetone, is the active ingredient in self tanning products. DHA is a sugar molecule that adheres to the amino acids on your skin to create the natural appearance of a tan. Too little DHA creates a faded orange color that recedes in stages. Too much DHA makes skin appear rusty and inconsistent. XEN-TAN products contain a balanced formula of DHA to provide a deep, natural tan that lasts up to two times longer than other products on the market.

XEN-TAN features a product for every skin type and tone. For the darkest natural looking tan, XEN-TAN Dark Lotion delivers long-lasting results, thoroughly conditions your skin and has a cherry and almond fragrance that is absolutely exquisite.

-Customer comment: “I love this stuff. Whenever I apply it, I get comments about how beautiful my tan is. People think I have lain on the beach." -anonymous

XEN-TAN was created by husband and wife duo, Mark and Dera Enochson. Both Mark and Dera have extremely fair skin, and they wanted products that would mimic the natural tanning capabilities of those with darker skin. XEN-TAN strives to reflect the natural olive undertones of a sun-kissed glow.

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