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Enjoy 30% off our of summer-ready micellar water skincare products below!

Micellar cleansers come in water, oil and foam forms. They’re designed to wipe away daily grime with the swift sweep of a cotton pad – no rinse needed. Made up of cleansing micelle particles suspended in soft water, these miniature oil particles draw out impurities, oil and the most smudge-proof eye makeup without harsh chemicals. They’re so skin-friendly, that even contact lens wearers can drench the delicate skin around the eye without having to worry about irritation.

Micellar cleansers are a must-have in hand luggage, overnight bags, gym kits and makeup artists’ arsenals. They cannot, and should not, replace a dedicated skin ritual but as a pre-cleansing step or an option when there isn’t readily available water, a micellar cleanser can be skin-changing

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